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► Don,  the FST Microstep 90 shafts are great and with the Sensicore inserts they feel better than graphite.  Distance is good and has a nice ball flight.  My project for next winter is going to be making my wife a new set of irons.  This might sound simple, but believe me it won't be. Thanks again for everything you've done for me.  From now on, you'll definitely be my first choice in golf components and supplies.  But what I like the most is that you really care about making your customers happy and satisfied.  E. Blaise, Scarborough, Maine

► Hi Don, Just to let you know that i received the new driver Wednesday morning, took it to the range in the afternoon & played with it yesterday & I am very happy with the results, mostly about 15/ 20 meters further than my old driver, have been advised by one of my foursome to change the golf balls I'm using ( Srixon soft feel)that this will also help get better distance.  Thank you very much for everything you have done for me I am very grateful.  Regards, Lance.   L. Simpson, Auckland, New Zealand

 ► Don,  I would like to leave some feedback and let you know that the Silver Diamond R5 irons with Alpha Tour Lite shafts you made up for my wife have really helped to improve her game and she has knocked 5 strokes off her handicap.  Also my new iDrive hybrids with Harrison Saga hybrid shafts  have given me an extra 15 yds over my old ones. Thanks for all your help.  R. Black, NSW, Australia

 ► Don, Thanks for the invoice, I've gone to PayPal and authorized payment.  Thanks again for everything you've done for me.  From now on, you'll definitely be my first choice in golf components and supplies.  But what I like the most is that you really care about making your customers happy and satisfied.  Thanks again, I'll let you know how the project goes, but won't be able to test them until early April.  Best regards, E. Blaise, Scarborough, Maine

► The reason I buy my irons from Tempo Golf is actually quite simple.  It's Don Thompson.  He knows his metallurgy, knows golf and understands club components -- and he builds a great golf club. He's helpful and willing to provide personalized service.  So you when you add all of this up I get a set of custom irons, made to my specs and built for my swing at a very affordable price. Sure, I could go to one of those big chain golf stores and buy the latest hot model of OEM irons at twice the price. But why?  I know the guy who builds my irons and he takes pride in the clubs he assembles and the materials he uses. That's worth something in an era when most OEM clubs are not only manufactured but assembled in China.  My irons are Silver Diamond GX-1 heads with Harrison Premier Lite 85 shafts (regular flex) and Pure soft wrap grips.  This is an outstanding setup. The GX-1 head is extremely forgiving and the Harrison shaft is a terrific alternative to graphite -- nice feel and control. These Pure grips are a dream. They're soft, but not at all mushy, with plenty of tack and they really absorb vibration. Wipe them clean with a damp cloth after a round they're good as new.   If you're a senior -- like me -- or a mid- to high-handicapper you might want to consider this component combination.  It's a winner.  P. Gaitens, MO

►  Hi Don.  I was just browsing thru the web and I was fortunate to find Tempo Golf Components.  I was so impressed with how you talked about golf and the building of the clubs.. I have been building clubs for 30 years and have found it to be very rewarding.  I was also impressed by the SV-3031S irons cast in 304 stainless steel so I decided to splurge and have TGC build me a set..  They are shafted with the Alpha Luxe 85 graphites with a Pure grip midsize wrap with lie and loft adjusted on each club.  Turned out a perfect combination.  Since Don has also built me Inazone wedges in a 54° and 60°.  I have been using a competitive supplier for 20 years but am switching my business to Tempo Golf Components and Don Thompson.  Welcome to Arizona Don!   B. Hendee, Tucson AZ 

►  I contacted Tempo Golf Components for hybrids, fairway metal & driver (later added wedge & putter).  After several emails regarding equipment  Don telephoned me inquiring my specific needs and wants.  All were met and exceeded beyond my hopes.  Length, control & feel is awesome. I have and will continue to recommend Tempo Golf as quality, workmanship and Don's PERSONAL INVOLVEMENT EXCEEDS ANYTHING THAT I HAVE EVER RECEIVED IN THE PAST.  If anyone desires to learn who I have "worked with" in the past email me at  doglegleft2@gmail.com.   H. Hering, Shreveport, LA

►  Don, Wanted to tell you that the SV-3051S heads are terrific.  I shafted them with Apollo Spectre Lites -- which I've used in several sets of irons in the past and they seem to work for me.  My brother-in-law does a lot of bending of irons where he works and he flattened them out a little after some lie experimentation at the range and he said they bent as easily as the forged Mizunos and Titleists he bends for customers.  They're a great set and I really like the 5 degree loft gaps in the shorter irons.  I had gotten hold of one of the RBZ promotional 5 irons that TaylorMade was sending out, and the 6-iron of the 3051s is just as long and feels better, even on mishits.  Thank you for offering the SVGs in 304 stainless and for the fast shipping.  P. Nicholson, Amawalk, NY

► Don, I finally got the AXE XCaliber Fairway shafts installed in the 3 and 5 woods.  I have to say I never thought I could get the ball up in the air like that.  Thanks for the great service.  Aloha!  D. Fajardo, Honolulu, HI

► Hi Don,  Just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love the Alpha RX Launch driver head.  I assembled it with a Graffaloy Bouyeah stiff shaft weighing in at less than 50 grams and a 22 gram Winn grip making the whole club come in at about 270 grams at 46 inches long.  I have used it about a dozen times and am consistently hitting it about 15 yards longer than my previous driver, even though we have not had any temperatures above 60 degrees yet.  I have not played around with the weights yet, but will do so once the weather warms up.  Thanks again for getting me this head.  E. Blaise, Scarborough, ME  

► Don - Thanks so much for your help today;  and I don't mean the purchase of just some shafts but your kind expenditure of time to help me understand what I am buying...  That is a service very few providers of golf equipment provide anymore...  I will get a little smarter each time we talk.  Thanks again.  C. Kinkead, St. Louis, MO 

► I want to tell you that I enjoy the outstanding information you provide in your owners corner. I've been building clubs since 1985, and recently made a set of your 3031S irons; they are the best feeling clubs I have ever made!  Why don't the OEM's make their irons from 304 stainless? I have a set of Callaway X-22 irons, graphite I would now like to sell.  D. Janyja, Jacksonville, FL 

► Hello Don, I got my new SVG-1051 driver with the SK Fiber Superfly shaft on Saturday, and played with it on Sunday and today....   I love it...best driver I ever hit.  Thanks a million, it’s a fantastic stick.  D. Wells, Big Spring, TX  

► Don, Just wanted to send feedback on the clubs you custom made for me a few months back. I can say without reservations these are the best feeling clubs I've ever hit. I can never go back to a "hard" stainless steel club again. The 304 stainless is soft and forgiving.  I've recently switched to a different golf ball to match my club head speed and in combination with the new clubs I've had to make a change in the way I play golf. That's a good thing because I'm hitting it farther and straighter than I ever have. The Dunlop putter is outstanding too!!! Thanks for the recommendation. To sum up how I like and play the new clubs, "outstanding".  Thanks, Don.  P.S. Hope the move to Tucson went smooth!  D. Young, Winchester, KY  

► My new SVG Inferno driver with the SK Fiber Superfly shaft is very easy to swing and is very responsive in feel.  It gives you great feedback in that the ball seems to just jump off the club face with a little extra pop and you can feel it in your hands!!  It is the first shaft that when I keep my front foot still --- it consistently goes straight or just a slight draw!!  In short I just love my new driver!!  One of my playing partners remarked yesterday, "man you have picked up some considerable distance and are much more consistent off the tee".  It is fun to swing a club that you are confident you can hit well and all you have to do is relax and "just grip it and rip it!!!"  Thanks a ton for the SVG driver with the Superfly shaft.  C. Adams, Big Spring, TX   

► Just a short note to say THANK YOU - my clubs work great.  It's the best thing I've done for my golf in years.  The Driver and the Hybrid 3 & 4 were just the upgrade I needed.  Thanks for the help getting to the decision and then the great clubs.  All the best, Ken!    K. Aurand,  Geneva, IL  

► Don, the club heads arrived yesterday and the shafts came this morning.  Thanks for that terrific hat!  Also for the wisdom of your advice and council:  Long live "The Don!"  Hope the transition to Arizona goes (or went) smoothly for you.  I look forward to our continued friendship and future orders.  These components will make one heckuva set of irons! I can hardly wait to see him hit them.  They will re-flight his ball flight to a more desirable, lower trajectory that he'll like.  He's gonna love the feel I know.  Best Regards, J. Mitchell, Richland Springs, TX  

►  I just wanted to drop a line to say thanks.  I've played 4 rounds with the new shafts on my irons and I love them.  I've been shooting a minimum of 5 strokes less every round and I even broke 80 for the first time in my life.  I really appreciate your help.  Thanks again.  B. Roth, Tucson, AZ  

► Everyone is always looking for more distance.  Ask around and you always hear that the shaft of your driver is "the engine" of the club.  Well, I recently got a Harrison Eclipse xx-stiff Long drive shaft and paired it with a 7.5 degree Adams 9064LD head and WOW!!!!!  This is the easiest shaft to feel that I've ever played.  I almost don't even have to try anymore!  I simply take it back and bring it through smooth and connected and you can literally feel the shaft kick through the ball as you bring it to impact.  No trying to "crush it" anymore, and that means I can relax and just make center contact and watch it take off like a jet.  I rely on the Eclipse LD shaft to do its job.  I trust it COMPLETELY.  My ball speed is consistently in the high 180's to low 190's and the xx shaft offering is exactly what I needed.  Avg driving distance is 334 yards and longest to date is 363 yards.  Nothing quite like being in a 4-some in tournament play and cracking 345 yards off the tee and watching the other three guys get pissed off that I have a pitching wedge left to the green on a par 5.  That and being kicked out of the range for hitting balls over the tree tops and into the road at 300 yards is satisfying too.  Couldn't do it without the Harrison shaft.  Will definitely be buying some backups and doubt that I will ever switch to another shaft.  Major contributor to my +1 handicap.  Thanks to Harrison for making an awesome product. S. Black, Nashville, TN 

► Don, thanks for all of the insight you post on your site regarding club building.  I've built and sold clubs for over 20 years, but there's always something new to learn given the changes in the equipment.  I purchased an SVG-1049 (Burner clone) driver head from you a few months ago.  I already have one in the bag and bought this one as a backup.  One is shafted with a firm flex, mid bend point, low torque and the other with a regular flex, low bend point and mid torque.  Both shafts are in the 55-65 gram range.  I have great success with both, one just has lower trajectory.  Both of these drivers out perform my TaylorMade Burner, which I have as a third option.  The SVG heads are better heads, no question in my mind.  C. Mickle, Stone Mountain, Georgia 

► I operate Sullivan's Cleek in Higgins, Australia and if things go as planned I certainly will be a return customer.  Your customer service is exceptional, clearly the best I have encountered in sixteen years of club making.  R. Marshall, Sullivan's Cleek, Higgins, Australia    

► The 304 stainless steel irons, SVG-3050S, from Tempo Golf Components are of outstanding quality and much less expensive than forged club heads.  Listen to Don, these club heads are some of the best around. Also, Don's customer service is nothing short of great!  I emailed a simple question regarding when my order would ship and Don actually called me himself and worked everything out and then got the order out that same day. Very rare these days:  someone that cares about their customers.  After this experience I will continue to order my components from Tempo golf because they have the best prices, best service and most important, the best components.  W. Smith, Avon, Indiana 

►  I scrutinized every golf component website and catalog I could find searching for the highest quality at an affordable price and one name kept coming afore.....Tempo Golf Components. I ended up purchasing the SVG-3049S 304 stainless steel irons along with the SVG-2049 #3 fairway metal and SVG-8049 #5 hybrid.  The quality and attention to detail is second to none and the cost was less than the competitors.  I am extremely pleased with the finished clubs and wouldn't hesitate to recommend Tempo Golf Components to anyone.  L. Murray, NSW, Australia  

► Hello Everyone.  By way of introduction, I play to about a 2.  A few years ago, I came to the conclusion that hybrids and hybrid style irons are here to stay because they are simply easier to hit consistently.  So I began a quest to find a set of hybrid style irons which would give me the benefits of player's clubs but with the ease of playability of hybrids.  We are all looking for just that right combination to improve our golf games.  After literally dozens of attempts, I have found the recipe that works for me - and I believe will work for anyone who has an interest in "hybrid irons".....three simple ingredients....Tempo Golf Components, SVG Titan Plus hybrid heads, and Don Thompson.  Don was instrumental in pointing me towards these clubs and sharing his knowledge and experience.  He has been extremely helpful to say the least.  I had planned on working these hybrids out on the range before putting them into play, but weather prevented that so I wound up going to the first tee having never hit any of them.... I hit 16 greens - 6 within 10 feet.  These clubs are incredibly consistent and have a medium-soft solid feel.  In addition, unlike many hybrid irons which are geared primarily for distance, these perform much more like a player's club in that they can easily be worked and spin the ball quite well with the short hybrids.  Needless to say, I am more than pleased.  Players at all levels owe it to themselves to talk to Don about these clubs.  Thanks again to Don.  T. Francis, Kansas City   

► Don, I just placed an order on your website for two Model SVG-3048Ssand wedges.   Please adjust the loft on one of the heads to 52° and the other to 56°.  Lie should be adjusted to 65°.  I purchased the 6 thru PW back in March and they feel better than any club head I have ever played.  It took me a couple of weeks to get used to my new clubs, but since I have, I am completely satisfied.  I would recommend SVG Model 3048S heads in 304 stainless steel to anyone looking to improve their game.  Thanks!  B. Barrow, Cape Carteret, NC  

►  If you don't like looking down at those big 460cc driver heads, here's an excellent economical solution.  Try the SVG-1024 410cc head coupled to the SVG-5655 shaft.  It's an attractive combination that produces solid feel and sound at impact, and it's easy to control.  It's a fairway finder.  This driver will compare favorably to many over-priced OEM products and at a fraction of the OEM cost.  Bigger and more expensive is not necessarily better.  Gator in the Midwest  

► I believe my new Harrison Saga is one of the best shafts I have ever hit...period.  Don't have to worry about going after the ball and the shaft not holding up and I love the trajectory.  It's working great in my driver and I'm thinking of ordering a FW shaft for my 3 metal.  D. Drake, Omaha, NE       

► If you're in the market for that rare blend of forgiveness and feel -- at an affordable price -- you owe it to your game to try this combination: The SVG-3040 irons and the new Apollo Phantom stepless shaft. The 304 steel is noticeably softer than most conventional cast heads and the lightweight Phantom shaft produces a pleasing feel and feedback with great control. When it comes to forgiveness, this clubhead is tough to beat.  It's similar in design to the Ping G-10 with a sand-blasted finish.  With a generous offset, large face, wide sole and deep cavity the SVG will definitely reward good contact and cover up most of your miss-hits.  I'm a mid-handicapper and over the years I've played game-improvement clubs from Cleveland, Callaway and Taylormade and this SVG iron is clearly superior in both feel and forgiveness, and at a fraction of the cost.  I ordered the 5-iron though PW, built to my specs with adjustments to lie and length – and NO charge for the lie adjustments!  My iron game has improved and even my playing partners have remarked how well I'm hitting these irons.  I was particularly impressed with the personal service I received from Don Thompson. Without qualification, it's the best on-line golf-buying experience I've ever had.  For value and quality, Tempo's clubs are a cut above.  So much so that I have recommended Tempo to my golfing buddies.  High-quality components at a great price with great service: that's what I call a good deal.  Recently, a senior lady at my golf club ordered some irons from Tempo. She's delighted with the results and thanks me every time I see her at the course. Phil Gaitens, Herculaneum, MO