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Graman's proprietary technology is capable of producing unequalled, symmetrically precise shafts of superior quality and consistency. Nobody does it better. Since the early 1990's, Graman has been revolutionizing industry standards by using meticulous accuracy for frequency matching and uniform consistency. Graman shafts are so uniform, so precise and so symmetrical that G and S Series are guarantied 1 cpm or less. Each carries a limited lifetime guarantee.

All Graman shafts are manufactured in South Korea under the most stringent quality control procedures.  This is why Graman can guarantee its quality.


To place your order please call or email me at 520-505-8658 or tempogolfcomponents@gmail.com


 I have been promoting and selling Graman shafts since 2008 when I first opened Tempo Golf Components.  At the time Graman and Harrison were my two premier shaft offerings.  Well, Harrison closed their door five years ago but Graman has continued to grow by manufacturing shafts for other shaft companies and many additional proprietary shafts for golf component companies.  The Graman G Series continues to be one of the highest performing shafts at an amazingly low price point with symetrical guarantees no one else offers.  Every G and S Series shaft even arrives with the line of optimum performance frequency (spine) identified to include the shaft's butt frequency.  

In addition to Graman's standard offering as found at their website Tempo Golf Components continues to offer as an exclusive the infamous "Limey" shafts that Graman became so well known for.  The specifications and prices for the "Limey's" are detailed below.  Today's G Series replaced the original UL Series better known as the "Limey" shafts that had what I call almost a "cult" following. 

The UL540-S is what I currently play in my No. 1 driver and always come back to after testing other shafts.  I just can't find anything that fits my swing better.  


Graman link:   www.gramangolf.com/index.html


Please visit the link directly above for complete specifications on all Graman shafts otherr than the UL Limey Series which I have detailed at the bottom of this page.  I am able to ship nearly all listed shafts within 24 hours of receiving your order.


•  Graman UL440 "Limey"    $49.95 Net Each

•  Graman UL540 "Limey"    $69.95 Net Each

•  Graman UL640 "Limey"    $84.95 Net Each     


•  Graman Crossfire    $11.95 Net Each     


•  Graman R70    $16.95 Net Each      


•  Graman M65    $25.95 Net Each     

•  Graman M70    $24.95 Net Each

•  Graman M75    $22.95 Net Each      


•  Graman G55    $84.95 Net Each       

•  Graman G60    $49.95 Net Each

•  Graman G70    $69.95 Net Each

•  Graman G85    $44.95 Net Each

•  Graman G95    $46.95 Net Each


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