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ALDILA®  is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation and has been a world-leading producer of composite golf shafts since 1972.  That’s 46 years of developing dozens of shaft brands and manufacturing hundreds of shaft designs — many of which have been played by the world’s best golfers. Products like HM55, NV®, Tour Green and ROGUE® have become iconic household names, while the newest offerings — XTORSION®, SYNERGY® and QUARANTA™ — are setting the stage for the future.


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ALDILA link:  http://www.aldila.com/golf-shafts       Call or email me for the lowest price anywhere. You will be surprised!


All ALDILA shafts listed below or as shown on the ALDILA website listed above are available for immediate shipping.  All prices shown below are MAP (minimum advertised price) as allowed by ALDILA.  Call me for your actual price.  At that time specify flex, model etc.



•  Aldila Xtorsion Copper 50/60/70/T70 woods:  $149.00 MAP                                    


•  Aldila Xtorsion Green 50/60/T60/70/T70/T80 woods:  $149.00 MAP                     


•  Aldila Synergy® Blue 50/60:  $250.00 MAP                                                                    


•  Rogue Silver 85 hybrid:  $119.00 MAP                                                                                                  


•  Rogue Black 85 hybrid:  $119.00 MAP                                                                                                        


•  Aldila NV/NVS Next Gen MLT  45/55/65/75 woods:  $59.99 MAP                                                          




•  Aldila NV/NVS Next Gen MLT  55/85 hybrid  $29.99 MAP                                                                        





•  Aldila RIP Alpha 6/7 woods:  $79.99 MAP                                                                                                   


•  Aldila RIP Alpha hybrid:  $29.99 MAP                                                                                                          


•  Aldila RIP Phenom 50/60/70 woods:  $79.99 MAP                                                                                                     


•  Aldila Tour Green NXT GEN MLT 65/75 woods:  $89.99 MAP                                                                         


•  Aldila Tour Green NXT GEN MLT 85 hybrid:  $34.99 MAP                                                                          


•  Aldila Tour Blue NXT GEN MLT 65/75 woods:  $89.99 MAP                                                                      


•  Aldila Tour Blue NXT GEN MLT 85 hybrid:  $34.99 MAP