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The #1 graphite iron golf shaft on the Pro Tours!

With more Tour wins than any other graphite iron shaft in history, SteelFiber golf shafts by Aerotech Golf are a true game-changer.  Innovative designs and unique material engineering help players sharpen their game while reducing fatigue and injury.

Hit it straighter, hit it longer and with less effort. Reduce your risk of injury or aggravating an existing injury.

Welcome to the best rounds of your life.


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AeroTech link:     www.aerotechgolfshafts.com

All AeroTech shafts listed below or as shown on the Aerotech website listed above are available for immediate shipping.  All prices shown below are MAP (minimum advertised price) as allowed by Aerotech.  Contact me for the best price possible!




 •  Claymore 48/60 for woods:   $90.00 MAP     (The Claymore 48 is one of the finest performing sub 50g shafts available in today's market)


•  ALT 470 for woods:   $34.99 MAP      (Great ladies and seniors shaft)


•  Volant for irons:   $39.99 MAP     (Great ladies and seniors shaft)


•  SteelFiber 65/75 for woods:   $82.00 MAP


•  SteelFiber 70/80/95/110 for .370" parallel tip irons:   $51.00 MAP


•  SteelFiber constant weight 70CW, 80CW, 95CW, 110CW for .355" taper tip irons:   $53.00 MAP


•  SteelFiber HLS 780/880 hybrid:    $61.00 MAP


•  SteelFiber HFS 780 fairway:   $61.00 MAP