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Tempo Golf Components is now located in Payette, Idaho, a small town in far western Idaho at the confluence of the Payette and Snake Rivers.  My repair shop business will increase once I get established becoming busy with regrips, shaft changes, loft and lie adjustments and custom clubs.  I do club fittings for local clients as my business now in its 8th year just continues to grow. 

This year I have decided to scale back my product offering even further to only carry what I consider to be the the finest component heads from Alpha Golf.  I remain a dealer for most shaft and grip products but I only inventory shafts from Alpha, Graman, Aerotech Steelfiber and a few others from time to time.  Seldom do I inventory shafts priced higher than $99.00 as it's just not required for a high performing quality shaft and there are many I consider to be in this catagory.  I personally frequency profile just about every shaft I get my hands on and I know what performs.  My main grip products will continue to be Star Grips made in the USA and installed using compressed air.  It's the only way to go.    

I have access through my suppliers to provide just about any brand/model of shaft or grip and I am willing to drop ship direct so delivery to you is never delayed.  I will always be competitive and usually I can offer to you the lowest price since my overhead is low with no fancy annual catalog or employees to take care of. 

At Tempo Golf Components the only person you deal with is me, Don Thompson.  I share my knowledge of components and provide information one typically cannot find anywhere else.  Call me at 520-505-8658.


Based on performance and value Alpha's iron components are the finest in our industry.   I would not endorse these heads if I were not 100% convinced of my statement.



Aerotech's SteelFiber hfs780 is the best fairway metal shaft I personally have ever played.  But, what would one expect from a SteelFiber technology shaft?  SteelFiber shafts for irons are the No.1 composite shafts played on both the PGA and Senior Tours.   

     Finally, a new 304 stainless steel head from Sun Valley Golf.  Inferno IV.

                    Put some fun in your game with Simarki Tees.  

The "Limey's" are back!   Graman's UL Series of shafts are still available.  These are my top selling shafts and affordable by nearly all.  We do not need to pay more than $85.00 for a high performing shaft in our driver.  The UL540 S flex is what I play because of its feel and ideal shaft weight for me of 75g.  Consistency from one shaft to the next in unparalleled and every shaft is guaranteed at 1 CPM tolerance.  Also important to me is all Graman shafts are made in South Korea.

International orders are always welcome.    Email me with your needs and I will send you an estimate excluding the shipping charge. I use USPS Priority Mail International for my method of shipping unless some other carrier is requested.  Once you accept my estimate you will receive an invoice from PayPal where you can apply either your credit card or use your PayPal account if you have one. Once I receive payment I will put your order together and package it up ready to go.  This is the only way I can have an exact weight for your shipment.  I then can provide a firm shipping price and you will receive a second invoice, again from PayPal, for the shipping cost only.  I do not add on any handling charge and you only pay the exact amount being charged to me by the carrier used.  This payment process has worked out well for my numerous international customers.