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I am your #1 source for acclaimed Alpha Golf components and shafts!


Tempo Golf Components is back on-line after a few months off while I relocated from Arizona up to beautiful and cooler Idaho.  The only major change is how I process all sales orders.  All orders must now be either phoned into me or emailed to me and then I will send a detailed invoice generated by my Quick Books accounting program attached to another simple invoice from PayPal.  PayPal processes all of my credit card transactions.  This process is going to allow me to extend to all of my clients my very best price along with an accurate shipping cost. 

Tempo Golf Components is unique in that I am happy to share my vast knowledge of components and shafts.  As a certified club builder I also will be more than happy to assemble your club for a very nominal charge.  This is how I have built up my loyal customer base from day one.  I am able to offer frequency profiles of nearly every shaft I sell.  I measure the real torque values of most of my shafts and I have the bulge and roll numbers for my Alpha driver heads.  This stuff matters if one cares about selecting a golf club that will work for each unique individual.  I offer loft/lie adjustments on all irons that are adjustable at no charge.  Each shaft leaving my shop has been marked showing the line of optimum frequency.  I use flat line oscillation (FLO) for this process.  Again, no extra charge as it's all included in the shaft's price leaving my shop.

To place your order please call me at 520-505-8658 or email me at sales@tempogolfcomponents.com.


Based on performance and value Alpha's iron components are the finest in our industry.   I would not endorse these heads as strongly as I do if I were not 100% convinced of my statement.



Call me for a "great" price on a NUNCHUK.  

Cut and paste this link into your browser to watch the video:    https://www.nventix.com/OverlayYoutube1.php


                       Put some fun into your game with Simarki Tees.  


The "Graman Limey shafts" are here!   Graman's original UL Series of shafts are still available but only at Tempo Golf Components.  These are my top selling driver shafts and affordable by nearly all.  You do not need to pay more than $85.00 for one of the highest performing shafts ever made in your driver.  The UL540 S flex is what I play because of its feel and ideal shaft weight for me of 75g but the UL640 is my top seller.  Consistency from one shaft to the next in unparalleled and every shaft is guaranteed at 1 CPM tolerance.  Also important to me is all Graman shafts are made in South Korea and not China. 


International orders are always welcome.    Email me with your needs and I will send you an estimate excluding the shipping charge. I use USPS Priority Mail International for my method of shipping unless some other carrier is requested.  Once you accept my estimate you will receive an invoice from PayPal where you can apply either your credit card or use your PayPal account if you have one. Once I receive payment I will put your order together and package it up ready to go.  This is the only way I can have an exact weight for your shipment.  I then can provide a firm shipping price and you will receive a second invoice, again from PayPal, for the shipping cost only.  I do not add on any handling charge and you only pay the exact amount being charged to me by the carrier used.  This payment process has worked out well for my numerous international customers.   


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