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Titanium Drivers

I select very carefully the driver heads you will find for sale at Tempo Golf Components.  I made a decision early in 2012 to primarily promote driver components that have been submitted to the USGA for conformance approval.  We play a game of honor and the drivers we play need to be submitted to the USGA for testing making sure the spring like effect does not exceed the standard along with several other criteria.  It costs manufacturers time and money to submit their drivers to the USGA for conformance approval and as players of the game we owe our support to those who are willing to go through this process.  I will however offer a few driver component heads that I know would be in conformance if they were submitted but in an effort to reduce cost of the head to the consumer have not been submitted to the USGA.  These will be noted as Non-Conforming heads.

Alpha, my primary brand, represents the finest drivers made anywhere on the planet with innovative engineering developed by President and CEO of Alpha, Jim Yeh.  Alpha does not pay Tour Players to play their components like the big brand names do and yet one would truly be amazed at how many Tour Players carry Alpha drivers in their bags, especially on the Champion's Tour, Nationwide Tour and lesser Development Tours.  Alpha also owns many Long Drive Championship wins although they no longer sponsor any of the LD players. 

Most Alpha driver components are investment cast titanium alloy heads with either a Beta 15-3-3-3 titanium or SP700 titanium face plasma welded into the body.  This means there are no welds holding the two or three body pieces together as in a less expensive to manufacture forged head.  Because the bodies are cast in either 6A4V or SP700 titanium alloy the integrity of the heads will be maintained for a much greater period of time compared to that of a forged head. (For a more detailed discussion of forged vs. cast in driver heads see my Owner's Corner)

Remember, while the head is important, especially in one's confidence when looking down at the club head during address, it's the shaft that really matters.  Do not compromise on the quality of your shaft and make sure it fits your swing profile. Call me for suggestions and advise on selecting the right shaft for your swing profile. 


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