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                 Your Iron Game on STEROIDS!              5stars

The NEW Alpha Vx irons are designed to take your iron game to the next level. Made from an innovative 2-piece design, a thin Maraging steel face enables massive SMASH FACTOR for increased ball speed, while the cavity back frame lowers the COG (center of gravity) helping to minimize twisting on off-center shots. A thin topline view gives players confidence and ease at setting up. The Vx iron is the perfect marriage between powerful long-driving iron shots with forgiveness, and a sleek tour profile look. 

The body frame is made from 304 Stainless Steel, allowing a club-fitter to safely bend the club up to 2 degrees for loft and lie. 


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The following Alpha iron component models are available for immediate shipping from Tempo Golf Components:



•   NEW  Alpha Vx Cast 304SS    $59.00 MAP  

•   Alpha C1 Pro Forged  $56.00 MAP 

•   Alpha C2 Fly Forged  $67.00 MAP 

•   Alpha C3 Tour Forged  $67.00 MAP 


•   Alpha Response  $31.00 MAP          It is my opinion that the Alpha Response is the finest game improvement head on the component market today.  Cast in soft 304 stainless steel for easily made lie/loft adjustment and all the right features for game improvement result it just cannot be beat.  I personally have several sets of irons to include Alpha's C2 Fly and RX-1 but I just keep coming back to my Response irons.  Of course, one needs a shaft matching their swing profile to take advantage of design features in any iron head.



•   Alpha RX-1  (available LH)  $31.00 MAP 

•   Alpha RX-2  $31.00 MAP 

•   Alpha V2-MB  $31.00 MAP 

•   Alpha C830.4 LX  $56.00 MAP


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The following Silver Diamond iron component models are available from Tempo Golf Components:


•   Silver Diamond T-Steel  (304 stainless)  $15.95 MAP 

•   Silver Diamond RX Tour  $15.95 MAP 

•   Silver Diamond R5  (304 stainless)  $15.95 MAP

•   Silver Diamond Vx  $15.95 MAP

•   Silver Diamond Big S  (available LH)  $15.95 MAP


Iron head components are either from a forged process or a cast process.  Forged heads typically are carbon steel with a chrome or nickel plating for corrosion protection and looks.  Today, the majority of iron heads are cast 431 stainless steel, a relatively hard stainless making adjustments of greater than 2° difficult unless the stainless has been heat treated.  TEMPO Golf Components offers many of its heads in 304 stainless with its metallurgical properties more closely associated with the carbon steel forged heads.  Both are considered “soft steels”.  While some golfers say soft steels provide better feel and feedback the main advanatage is the ability to custom fit through easily made loft and lie adjustments.  The quality, finish and performance of all our irons is second to none within the golf component industry.

Metallurgy of my irons:  A material's hardness can be measured several ways but one of the most conventional methods is to test the indention hardness of the specific material and then assign a scaled value with the value or number increasing as the hardness of the material increases.  A typical grade 1035 forged carbon steel iron will have a Rockwell in the vicinity of HRB-85.  Your typical cast 431 stainless iron will have its Rockwell at or near HRB-98.  Cast 304 stainless irons have a Rockwell near HRB-88 which much more closely approximates the characteristics of the forged iron. Both carbon steel and 304 stainless are considered "soft steels" within the steel industry. 

Lie Alternations:  Using a "best in industry" True Blue MR3 loft/lie bending machine I now offer as a service at a very minimal charge lie adjustment if needed.  Multiple variables determine one's swing profile and whether your clubs are too upright or too flat but one thing is for sure:  You cannot hit the ball accurately at its target if the lie of the club is off by more than a degree.  This does require removing the club's individual wrapper and securely clamping the head in a fixture and applying force.  It is possible some slight indentations or marks may occur on the head but these will be strictly cosmetic should they occur.  Also, any iron heads that have had lie adjustments cannot be returned under our guaranteed satisfaction policy.  Just give me a call or send me an email with your needs.

If you need help with the process of checking your swing plane give me a call so we can discuss, it's easy, and you'll be on your way to a lower score.

All components are priced at the MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) as permitted by the various manufacturers.  For your best price you must call or email me with your individual requirements. 

Important Note:  Irons are typically sold in sets of 5-PW.  Irons 2, 3, 4, AW, SW and LW are always optional.  If you require something less than a complete set please contact me to find out if I can fill your needs with that particular head without requiring the purchase of a complete set.  I also try to offer demo heads, #6 or #7 in each iron model.

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