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I'm always being asked about hybrids and how to set up the hybrid club with regard to fitting the shaft and what is the proper length to play the hybrid club at.  While there might be a few slight variations, what I am going to say is pretty simple and most club makers will feel pretty comfortable with this overview. 

Typically the hybrid is a club replacing the long irons for most golfers although they are made now all the way through a 60° LW and I have a couple players who play outstanding golf with the full set being hybrids.  Shafts can be the same as the shaft in one's irons, they can be hybrid specific graphite and they can be both steel or graphite.  I feel it's important to maintain a reasonable weight progression from the irons to the hybrids.  If I'm playing a tour weight steel shaft in my irons I suggest not jumping to an ultralite hybrid shaft with a raw weight around 60g.  Instead, a much better transitional shaft would be a hybrid shaft in the 85g-100g or perhaps a lighter weight steel shaft.  

When building your hybrids keep in mind of what iron you are replacing as the length of the club should keep the distance progression going the same as between your other irons unless this is not important.  There is no exact length one needs to play the hybrids at however it is very important to maintain a constant swing weight the same as the irons.

Hybrids should be shafted based on the weight of the head.  Typical weight of a #3 hybrid head is 230g which is the same as the typical #1 iron.  Hence, tip trim your shaft for the hybrid based on the tipping instruction for the #1 iron and play the #3 hybrid at the length of the #1 iron.  It should swing weight just about perfect without having to add weighting.  This finshed playing length then would be close to 40".

Let's do another:  Most of us don't play a #3 iron real consistantly.  The standard head weight for a #3 iron is 243g which just happens to be the typical weight of a #5 hybrid head.  Tip trim your selected hybrid shaft as if it was going in your #3 iron head, shaft it up in your #5 hybrid head and butt trim to the #3 iron length of 39.0" and you've got it.

Because you most likely will hit your hybrids longer than the irons you've replaced, do not be afraid to play them shorter to achieve your normal distance progression between clubs.  A little back-weighting may be required for proper swing weighting.

Should you have questions always feel free to give me a call for discussion.  Regards, Don Thompson


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