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 Best grip on the planet!




 www.stargrip.com   Check Star Grip out at this link for their complete story.  


When I first started Tempo Golf Components years ago I tried stocking just about every grip there was but back then they mostly came only in black and there weren't so many brands, styles and colors.  Today, for me this is nearly impossible so I mainly stock the grip that I primarily use in my shop for assembled clubs unless my client specific asks for a certain grip.  I am able to offer just about any grip out there and I typically will ship in 2-3 days or even drop ship direct to my clients from my suppliers and I will always be competitive. 

The two grips I always have in stock are the Star "Tour Star" in both standard size at 55g and midsize at 78g.  Both have a core of .590"

   Price is $6.00 for the standard size and $6.25 for the midsize.

The "Tour Star" is molded to precise tolerances and is not tapered from the butt to the tip quite as much as most grips which provides a more balanced feel.  The grip also has a thicker cross section offering more vibration dampening on contact. 

The real beauty of Star grips is because they are manufactured from 100% EPDM rubber they can be installed with the traditional grip tape and solvent or with the use of compressed air.  I only use compressed air so I can install and take off as many times as I like until I achieve the exact swing weight I desire.  As the grips wear especially at the thumb and finger pressure points just slightly pressurize the grip and rotate it to a new position.  I especially like the fact that Star grips have no markings should one make changes with today's adjustable club face drivers.   

All Star grips are warrantied for 3 years against ever getting hard, slick, cracked or absorbing moisture.  Just give them a quick wipe with a damp towel and they feel like new each and every time.

Star grip has been copied by another grip company also residing in the Phoenix area but they are not even close to being the same in quality and feel.  The only thing they offer is an array of colors.


The Tour Star grip is the finest wrap made as far as I am concerned. I personally have tried them all, Lamkin, Golf Pride, Winn and none of them compare to the feel and durability of the Tour Star grip. Having large hands I play the midsize Tour Star which not only are super comfortable but with the extra weight at 78g they back weight my clubs a little giving them a lighter swing weight. For me, it's truly the best!   Don Thompson, Owner of Tempo Golf Components.


Excellent Star Grip Review:      https://pluggedingolf.com/star-grip-review/ 




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