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I will not be under sold but many components and most shafts are displayed at MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) as established by the manufacturer.  They are simply protecting their brand and trying to maintain a level playing field for all the different levels of distribution. To receive my best price you must either call and email me.  I typically respond within a few hours at the longest but keep in mind I am out playing golf most mornings.  Retirement is wonderful!


My friend Robin Arthur in just four years has built the AXE XCaliber family of shafts into one of the most complete shaft offerings available from any manufacturer.  Best of all, every shaft is affordable by all.  A couple new releases for 2014 are the XCaliber Tour X for irons and the SWD50 for the driver.  Both shafts are awesome and are in my bag.  The Tour X is right there performance wise with SteelFiber's offerings and the SWD50 compares with several shafts I have recently played costing up to 5X's as much.  Give them a try, I can nearly guarantee you will be rewarded with unparalleled performance.

          Put some fun in your game with Simarki Tees.  See accessories!

The Graman "Limey's" are back!   In stock now are the shafts Graman became known for. 

Based on performance and value Alpha's iron components are the finest in our industry.   I would not endorse these heads if I were not 100% convinced of my statement.



Best grips on the planet!

International orders are welcome and I can offer lowest prices on all of my components and shafts to my club building friends outside the United States.   Do not place your orders on line but send me an email for a personalized quotation.  Shipping options are Fed EX, USPS Priority Mail International and USPS Global Express Guaranteed.  The carrier to be used will be determined by how fast you need it and size of the box I will need to use to ship your order.  Obviously, shafts are the most difficult items to ship because of their length.  International orders are a great deal of work for me but I will do my very best to accomodate your golf component needs.

Professional Assembly:  For professional assembly of your components please call or email me to discuss your individual swing profile so I can provide a custom quotation.  You will find all assembly charges to be extremely reasonable (approx. $4.00/club) but we need to discuss your specific needs such as lie/loft/swingweight/length.  All assemblies include spine alignment, lie and loft adjustment and exact swing weighting.  Together we can make this a great custom club experience!